Michelin Tyres

Value Added Services

Repair Services

Michelin Certified Tyre Repair Centers ensures that the customers receive the best of repair services in Truck Radial & Bias Tyres.

Tyre Warranty

Every new tyre designed and manufactured by Michelin is also warranted by Michelin.

Technical Experts

The transport industry increasingly needs complex support and technical know-how. This is why Michelin employs a team of specialists to help resolve all your tyre issues.

Fuel Saving

How do tyres and vehicles relate to fuel savings?

Premium Service Agreements

This refers to the Michelin created audit processes to help its End Users via its dealers in reducing operational costs & get a better fleet maintenance.

Original Equipment

Michelin is proud to be the leading supplier to the majority of Truck and Bus manufacturers in the world.Act now to get Michelin Tyre with your new vehicle.