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Tyre Basics

The hidden side of a truck & bus tyre

  • The tyre is a composite & complex product made of hi-tech components including more than 200 raw materials.
  • Your only contact with the ground : for a truck tyre, the contact surface is equivalent to 3 hands (or A4 paper sheet).
  • A product that has to carry, roll, steer, convey braking & acceleration of the vehicle, must resist many aggressions & usage conditions, last long, contribute to mechanical & acoustic comfort, consume less fuel.
  • Although it is relatively simple to optimize each type of performance separately, it is more difficult to manage the balance between them. The art of the tyre designer is the art of achieving a balance between these often-contradictory types of performance.

You can choose between safety, longevity, performance - but you don't have to.

As a professional Truck or Bus operator, you know the value of having the right quality tyre for your specific driving needs. Michelin provides a solution to improve your operating costs and minimize impact on the environment.

Productivity, safety & reliability, longevity and fuel savings are the major benefits that you can expect from a Michelin tyre.