Michelin Tyres

Tube & Flap

Tube & Flap

Tube & Flap

Proper selection of tubes and flaps is essential to ensure proper performance of the tube-type tyre. The tube - made of butyl rubber - is designed to maintain the air pressure in the tyre while the flap protects the tube from chafing with the rim and prevents it from being pushed under the bead toe. Fitting the tube and flap properly is an essential step in the process.

1) Flap

Flap types: There are currently two types of Michelin flaps

1. Flap Classic with ‘nylon chafer’ reinforcement of the valve hole area.

2. Flap + with a metal plate reinforcement.

Flap Dimension - 16 x 6.50
Flap Date of Production - 23rd week of 2007

2) Tube

Tube Markings

Tube Dimension - 20N78 (20N fitted with TR78A valve)
Tube Serial Number - 40341
Tube Date of Production - 22nd week of 2007
Valve number - TR78A

Please consult your Michelin representative or Michelin dealer for more details.