Michelin Tyres



Different Life Stages of Michelin Truck Tyres

At the end of its first life, a Michelin tyre can be regrooved, then retread, then retread again, increasing your mileage by more than 300% ! Among the worldwide manufacturers, Michelin is the most heavily involved in retreading, and our R&D efforts are focused on developing the best casing designed for undergoing retreading.

The most reliable casing on the market

MICHELIN's high-tech design incorporates a robust casing which permits safe regrooving and retreading.

+25% Kilometres

Regrooving restores your tyre’s grip so you can keep driving in total safety.

+ 90% Kilometres

Thanks to MICHELIN retreading, enjoy all the benefits of new tyres with a complete range including fuel saving and Michelin Durable Technologies offers.

+ 90% Kilometres

You can rely on a second retread to lower your operation cost even more thanks to MICHELIN casing engineered for life.