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Michelin Durable Technologies

Michelin Durable Technologies

Michelin Durable Technologies

Michelin Durable Technologies are a set of breakthrough technologies related to the tread pattern and architecture of the tyre which extend the performance of the tyre beyond what was possible before.

These technologies are incorporated into the tyre to improve:
  • Lifespan - better durability
  • Long lasting performance - grip and road handling
  • Endurance - retreadability and load capacity

Today Michelin Durable Technologies include:

Double wave sipes

Enhance tread-block rigidity to optimize tyre mileage while delivering needed traction. As the tread block enters the contact patch, these interlocking sipes join together to form solid, rigid tread block. This locking together reduces the effect of tread block scrub as the tread leaves the contact area and provides much improved tread wear performance.

Rain drop sipes

Located at the bottom of the tread groove and used in conjunction with the matrix siping, this groove provides a regeneration of the tread block patternas the tyre reaches 2/3 worn. The creation of these new channels provides better traction and allows the end user to keep the tyres on the vehicle longer.


Unique stabilizing belt construction that runs perpendicular to the radial ply. It provides good contact pressure between the tyre and the ground, helps extend tread life by optimizing tyre footprint loaded and unloaded and boosts crown endurance.