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Michelin Challenge Bibendum

Michelin Challenge Bibendum

Our engagement for the future of mobility

15 years of world-class event to make mobility safer, cleaner, more connected, more accessible and more affordable.

Launched in 1998 with the support of many leaders of the road transportation industry. It was originally designed to promote clean, safe, connected and affordable mobility by bringing factual information to political and industrial decision-makers.

Year after year, gaining momentum, the Challenge built itself into a fully-fledged think and action tank which involve users, manufacturers, suppliers, public and private operators, universities, energy suppliers, research institutes, political leaders, NGOs.

It is now the only initiative in the world that brings together all transportation stakeholders. Its aim is to develop a common vision of tomorrow’s sustainable mobility and to decide about actual solutions that generate individual, business, and social benefits.

The last edition allowed some 6,000 experts, researchers and academics from around 80 different countries to take stock of their advances

The intention of the Challenge Bibendum is to show that progress really is being made in mobility and the future is bright for road transportation that benefits society. Yes, there is a gap between what exists today, the challenges we face (in terms of energy, the environment, safety, and widespread access to effective mobility), and the slowness of the decision-making processes around the world. But this gap can and must be closed.

Patrick Oliva, Senior Vice-President of Michelin’s Sustainable Development Department

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TED 2.0 Salon was partner of the 2014 Michelin Challenge Bibendum

Rresenters explained how mobility can affect the future of Cities and how everyone has the power to affect change in cities

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