Michelin Tyres

Casing Strength


Tubeless & Tube-Type

Bead protection plies

Improved resistance to damage in bead area due to high temperature coming from brakes or due to aggression occurring during fitment and removal or because of poor wheel conditions

  • Less Premature removal due to bead damages

Casing Ply with humidity proof cable

Better steel cable bonding with rubber, providing less casing oxidation, better casing endurance and durability

  • Reduce air humidity effects and cable oxidation
  • Reduce risk of cable friction
  • Increased casing endurance

Airtight Inner Liner

Stops air from inside the inflated tyres from reaching the casing ply cables.

  • Casing oxidation protection.
  • Pressure maintenance
  • Increased casing endurance

Working plies with high tensile cable

Allows an optimized tyres architecture providing higher crown ply resistance against shock and higher endurance in extreme dynamic or severe scrubbing conditions.

  • Higher crown resistance and greater protection against road hazards.

Protection ply designed with new elastic cable

Increased working ply protection against tread aggression leads to significant reduction on crown oxidation.

  • Less damage from road aggression and crown oxidation, Increased tyres and casing life potential.